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But it's never too late to educate yourself. Knowledge is power. And educating yourself about your body is one of the absolute best ways to connect to it, understand it and feel empowered. Here's what you will be learning in this virtual workshop held on Saturday, September 28th at 11am EST.

Part 1: Get to Know Your Period

Learn your menstrual cycle 101, how it all works, why your period is important to your health and how to know when you are ovulating and menstruating based off the signs your body provides you.

Part 2: What is Normal with Periods and the Big 4

Get to know what is normal and what is not when it comes to your period. Plus we will detail through the 'Big 4" that ensure a consistent, monthly period: food, exercise, sleep and stress with actionable steps provided for each.

Part 3: Experience Period Peace

Learn about the different period issues that could be occurring, and steps that you can take to fix them including lab tests, supplements you can use and when to know when its time to work with a health care provider. 

Part 4: Q&A to Answer Your Specific Questions

This part is just for you! By keeping the group size small, we will be able to answer any questions you have so that you feel supported to have the education you need to pursue period peace.

True period peace, without the crazy diet plans necessary.


Yup, you read that right. 


If you want to feel educated and empowered about your body, its needs and how to support a healthy menstrual cycle, I am here to support you! No specific protocols, diet plans or eliminating food groups necessary.

Coming to you live on September 28th at 11am EST

Only 25 spots available for the first round of this virtual workshop


Why learn period education from Victoria?

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, I absolutely love educating and empowering women about their bodies. It's my passion in life, and I'm excited to find new ways to share that information with you through this workshop.


I'm passionate about period peace and women's health, because I've been in your shoes. After 12 years on birth control, I got off of it and didn't know how to get my period back. I didn't feel educated on my body and I had no clue what my body was telling me. Even worse? I felt that I was being told the only way to get my period back was to eliminate a ton of foods and follow a strict protocol. As someone with a history of disordered eating and orthorexia, that didn't sit well with me. So I set out on a quest to learn how I could combine my passion for intuitive eating and living with holistic healing, and a few years ago, I decided to open a private practice specializing in these needs for women.


Now with years of clinical experience helping clients regain their periods and feel empowered through education and connection with their bodies, I want to share this knowledge with more women. 

Not sure if this is for you? Imagine this...

  • You were able to tune out the noise of the health and wellness world, and instead listen to your own body to be your own guru?

  • You had a consistent monthly cycle, and felt connected to your menstrual cycle and the ebbs and flows of your hormones each month as another way to take care of yourself?

  • You felt educated on your body, your period, what is normal and what is not, and felt that you had the information available to you to take care of your hormonal health for the long term?

  • The confusion around hormonal healing was gone and you had concrete, evidenced based education on how to experience period peace, once and for all?


School is in Session:

I'm ready to learn about my body.

  • Part 1: Get to Know Your Period

    Confused about how the menstrual works, why it even matters and how to track it? Why would I even want to track it, I mean I usually want to forget I even have a period! This part is for you, girlfriend.



  • Part 2: What is Normal with Periods and the "big 4"

    How much should you bleed? How often? Should it be painful? How much food is enough to get your period back? Do I have to take an exercise break? We will detail through these FAQs and more in this section!

  • Part 3: Experience Period Peace

    Let's clear the air on what it takes to experience hormonal healing and period peace. What kind of lab tests, supplements, lifestyle choices will be discussed so you feel empowered with where to begin your healing journey.


  • Part 4: Q&A to Answer Your Specific Questions

    This part is just for you! I am keeping the workshop small in order to be able to spend the last portion of the two hour workshop answering your questions and ensuring you feel educated on your period and your body.


Missing or irregular period

If you've been diagnosed with hypothalamic amennorhea, PCOS, you haven't got your period back after getting off BC or you have a missing period and have no clue why, this workshop is for you.



Period pain or bad PMS symptoms

Period pain may be common, but it's not normal! You'll especially love part 2 where we detail through what is normal and what is not, and then can take steps in part 3 to experience your own period peace.



Just got off or getting off birth control

You haven't been connected to your cycle in years because you've been on the pill (been there before!) what does that mean going forward? How do I support my body when I get off of it and get my natural period back?

Health coach, dietitian or health care provider

One of the most common reasons I do career counseling for health coaches or fellow dietitians is for period education. You are welcome to join this workshop if you are a health coach or provider who wants to learn more so you can better support your own clients!


Cyclic living desires

Cyclic living is totally the "in" thing now and while I totally love that, there's a lot of fluff information out there. Learn in this workshop about how to connect to your period rather than avoiding it every month and educate yourself on how intuitive eating and living supports your desires to live according to your cycle, no strict diet plans necessary.

Just a woman who wants to learn more about her period 

Just a woman who wants to learn more about their period? Then this is for you too! You don't have to have something wrong with your period to want to learn more about it. I think you're awesome and yes, this workshop is for you, too.

“I am a strong believer in “everything happens for a reason” and I feel the stars aligned when I stumbled upon the Nourishing Women Podcast, as the discussions hit true to my soul. I am nearly 30, was on an OCP (oral contraceptive pill) for 11 years, had an eating disorder, and over-exercised (although I didn’t realize it at the time), and never got a period for 6 months after stopping my OCP. I am a healthcare provider myself, and after seeing both my PCP, and OB/Gyn, I was told my bloodwork was normal, and to come back if I still didn’t have a period when I wanted to conceive, and I could see a fertility specialist. I’m all for Western Medicine, but not as a bandaid instead of first trying to correct the root cause. I decided then that I needed to take a different approach, and I am forever grateful that I found the courage to email Nourishing Minds Nutrition because I knew in my heart I needed the help.

Working with Victoria seriously changed my life. While I know I did all the hard work, there is NO WAY I could have done it without her guidance, wealth of knowledge, and support. She helped me to overcome my disordered eating & over-exercising, put me on appropriate supplements specific to my needs and lab results, and get my cycles back!! Cycling again was my main focus, but I came out of our 6 months together with so much more: a new found respect for my body and how strong it actually is (not just being able to lift more weight in the gym strong, but really, truly, mentally strong), a peace with food that I honestly didn’t think was possible for women in today’s society, and a much healthier relationship with movement and intuitive living. Taking this leap of faith was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and 100% worth it!”

Stephanie, client at Nourishing Minds Nutrition

This sounds like my jam! Sign. Me. Up.

Tickets are first come, first serve. Only 25 spots available for this virtual workshop.

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Do you offer discounts or refunds?

I'm unsure if this is for me. How do I know if I should participate?

If you have any interest in period health, this is for you! But I'm all about listening to your "gut". If you feel your intuition is calling you to do this workshop, then trust it.

What if I cannot attend at the time its being held? 

I'm not in Florida! Is that an issue?


Gone are the days of period talk being taboo....but what do we really know about our periods?

This virtual workshop was made for you, girlfriend.


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